A Review on Samsung Galaxy Trend 2


Elated at the grand success of its Galaxy series phones, Samsung is enthusiastic about its next attempt in the same series. The new phone is Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 and the good news for the manufacturer is that it has become talk of the town even before it is officially launched. Pictures are leaked, specs are speculated and much rumor is spread over the functionality, usability and affordability of the handset.

The Beginning of New Trend

Right from the beginning, it was certain that the Galaxy Trend 2 would start a new trend in the market but would it be able to capture the attention of the audiences was a matter of speculation. But Samsung was relying on this phone more than it does on its other models. For the manufacturer, this is not just another model but an attempt to keep its hold over the market. Telecommunication market is expanding with new users added every day and the new users look for better devices.

Powerful Specs

Galaxy has become a brand in telecommunication market and for this reason Samsung has started an independent series on Galaxy phones. Trend 2 is the latest in this series and it is believed to be one of the best devices Samsung has ever produced. Galaxy Trend 2 is an Android based phone and the most discussed features of the phone are Samsung Apps, three satellite network ring and ChatOn. Trend 2 packs 1.2 GHz dual core processor and boasts a long list of high-end data transfer features.

Presence of Android Jelly Bean OS and dual core processor shows that Samsung wants Trend 2 to be a high-end Internet device. Connectivity features available in the phone are 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The 4 inches big display screen ensures that users will get a better view of the World Wide Web. Its light weight and user-friendly dimension further add convenience for the user.

Pros & Cons

Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 comes fitted with a 3 MP rear camera but has no secondary camera so users looking for video call option would have to find other reasons to buy this phone. The new Trend 2 would be the best buy even when it doesn’t support video calling as specified by the company. It has music player but no radio option. Music aficionados could store hundreds of tracks in its large memory and radio listeners could make arrangements for connecting to the radio stations.

Why should we have to consider it?

If you are considering buying a Galaxy series phone then it’s better to give Trend 2 a consideration. Since it’s the latest in Galaxy series phones, you could expect more from the manufacturer. It is about to be launched anytime during fall season.

Both Samsung and smartphone users have set high expectations from Trend 2 for reasons are different. On the one hand, Samsung wants to expand its market with this phone and on the other hand users are waiting for another marvel from this leading Smartphone manufacturer. At the time of the launch of the phone, fever ran high on the social media. Now it’s time to see what Samsung has to offer.


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