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With many people deciding to enter the smartphone market everyday, there comes the issue of whether to buy an Android phone or Apple’s iPhone. With the expansion of iPhones to all the major cell phone providers, this decision can become more confusing. In the days that iPhone was strictly an AT&T phone, there was a simple choice between whether or not an AT&T plan was a viable option. Now, in this new landscape, you will be faced with an array of phones to thoroughly confuse you. Thankfully, there are people who have used and tested many devices and are willing to offer their opinions to you.

The first point to consider is that Android is purely an operating system and not a phone manufacturer. This can lead to some confusion when trying to come to a decision about which phone to choose. Many comparisons around the internet put iPhones up against far less comparable devices that run Android and then claim that iPhones are the supreme leader. The fact of the matter is that there are a variety of phones running Android and they are not created equally. The best way to make an appropriate comparison is look at Android phones that are in the same price range as the iPhone in question. Taking this step will ensure that you are making an appropriate analysis between the features being offered by either device.

The highest-end Android devices compare very well to the newest iPhone model in many aspects and continue to outshine Apple’s product in other areas. iPhones have some of the best 8MP cameras on the market. But, many Android phones come with 8MP cameras as well and take comparable photos. While many phones may not be as slim and light as the iPhone, there are certainly options that come quite close to matching the design specifications of the Apple smartphone.

Android outshines Apple in the realm of customization, which can be a big deal for many savvy smartphone users. There is something about having a device that does not look and feel exactly like all of the similar phones on the market. Every single iPhone will look and feel exactly the same, while delivering the same user experience. There are good and bad things to be said about this very homogenized approach to user interaction. For the novice smartphone user, there can be an allure to the simplicity that goes into using an iPhone. But, for a slightly more technically savvy individual, the Android phone can feel a lot more personalized.

iPhone’s new “Retina Display” is one of the most beautiful screens available on the market on any device. There is realistically no comparison of any Android device to the pixels that are jammed into Apple’s screen. While an entry-level smartphone user will likely never notice this, it can be easily distinguished when the devices are operating side by side. But, many Android devices offer considerably larger screens, which can be preferable when consuming media.

The bottom line is that the choice between the two major operating systems is a personal one and can be a little bit confusing. The advice many people give is that entry-level smartphone adopters should probably choose and iPhone. While people who are experienced in technology and smartphones should probably give Google’s operating system a run. No matter which one you choose, getting a smartphone is becoming more necessary in this society.


Source by Philip Hannigen

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