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Do you wish you could download all your favorite PS3 and Xbox 360 games on the internet? Just imagine no more searching retail stores to spend ridiculous amounts of money on games that eventually become boring, outdated and no longer playable. Well luckily for you, these days it is very easy to download all the latest PS3 and Xbox 360 games from the internet, and it can all be done for Free.

There are plenty of sites popping up all over the internet that offer free downloads and for a beginner it is pretty easy to get confused. Most of the sites available are pretty much scams and don’t deliver on what they promise, while others will offer you access to their databases but except you to pay a separate fee for every time you download a single file. Anyhow amongst all these worthless sites there are a few gems and legitimate places where you can download all your favorite PS3 games for free. However when looking for them you must follow some basic principles, which should help you find a decent source that you can use for life.

Firstly you could go and download your games from sites that are completely Free, e.g. Torrent sites, file sharing sites etc. however the problem with these sites is that their files aren’t carefully regulated and most of their files contain hidden viruses, ads or Spyware, which can be extremely harmful and dangerous to your computer. Remember nothing in this world is absolutely free, everything comes at a cost, and for you to download your games from these free sites you are risking your computer being infected with viscous viruses, that even anti-virus software’s have a hard time detecting.

Personally I would have to say that the most reliable and efficient choice would be to sign up to a legitimate site which charges a one time small fee to access their huge database of Files. These sites heavily monitor the quality of their files and their databases are updated on a regular basis, giving you unlimited lifetime access to download all the latest games. You will have to pay a small fee to join up, but I believe paying half or quarter of the price a single game (depending on which site you join, there usually less than $49.95) and gaining lifetime access to download as many games as you like without risking your computers safety is a pretty good deal. It is considered pretty much Free because the benefits far outweigh the costs, e.g. the benefits of gaining lifetime access to downloading safe regulated files that assure the safety of your computer and save you a huge amount of money in the future, easily outweigh the small one time cost to join the site.

Secondly you should choose a site that offers all sorts of media downloads. The top sites in this business will allow you download the latest Movies, TV Shows and Music along with video game downloads as well. Also do some research and make sure the site is legit, check to see if they offer customer support so if you have any problems you can get a quick response. Lastly try to find a site which offers a full money back guarantee, this way you can always get your money back if you are not happy with their services.


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