Download Xbox 360 Games Free Online Caution


Many gamers are turning to the internet in order to download free Xbox 360 games. Before you begin downloading, there are some things you should know.

The Xbox 360 console must be modified physically before you can play a game which has been downloaded. This involves breaking your warranty with Microsoft, so if something goes wrong, you’re left with a non-functional console.

These mod kits can be very expensive and difficult to use, as it requires knowing which type of drive you have in your Xbox 360. Once your console is modified, connecting to Xbox LIVE becomes a risk each time, as Microsoft is known to ban modified consoles.

There are also websites which claim to allow you to download free Xbox 360 games. These sites are generally scams, which give you a program to download your games, which could be found free elsewhere on the web.

In addition to charging you a huge fee for this free software, the websites themselves host no game content. This comes from the program they give you to download, which may or may not have games available on the network, depending on how many people are using the network.

There are many downsides to downloading your own games as well. Viruses and trojans run rampant through these types of downloaders and you’re more than likely to get one if you spend any time attempting to download these games. Aside from this, not only is modifying your Xbox 360 illegal and voids your warranty, but also downloading games from these websites is illegal too. There are means which you can download free Xbox 360 games.


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