Get To Know the Samsung TV Problems


LCD television sets from Samsung are regularly ranked as the best models which are available in the market but these are not perfect always. A lot of consumers have reported Samsung TV problems beginning with the lack of signal to blurring motion and to problems with the viewing angle. Some of these Samsung TV problems may be corrected if you are able to read the manual carefully and would often browse over the Samsung website in the Internet for technical support and updates.

One of the Samsung LCD problems is the difficulty in finding the signal. There is a perceptible lag time between the changing of channels as well as looking at an image on the screen. This is because the TV is able to display signals coming from a lot of sources. This kind of problem can often be seen with satellite receivers, cable boxes and also DVRs. A popping noise can be obvious every time a signal is obtained and will display on the screen.

This is not necessarily a problem with your TV set. Cable box or satellite will take time to get and format the signal due to the presence of many signals with various resolutions. Just like any other LCD televisions, motion blur is also one of the Samsung TV problems. This will likely happen if you are looking at something on the television set that is fast-moving just like the football game. The players do not stay in focus but rather they appear in blur. This can be considered a problem depending on the viewer. There are some who are not bothered that much while there are also others who find it very distracting.

Several of the Samsung TV owners are complaining about their TVs turning off for no apparent reason. This is caused by a program glitch from the factory. A Firmware update has been provided by Samsung to correct this. This is just like the patches which are downloadable so that your computer can be updated. Viewing angles are constantly the one of the Samsung TV problems. Viewers would usually report for loss of color clarity, preciseness and the brightness if they look at the TV screen at the side angles. What is ideal to be done is that LCDs must be viewed in a straight direction.

One of the common Samsung TV problems is in terms of brightness. LCD TVs usually show deep blacks and in that case, the images will appear excessively bright or faded. Take note that some of these problems being mentioned are not correctable problems but rather they are considered to be limitations of the LCD technology. However, if any kind of problem will arise, try to contact the Samsung technical support or check the company’s website.


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