IOS 6: The Positive and The Negative Aspects


iOS 6 arrived recently to enhance the functionality of iPhone and other Apple devices. It is capable of providing you with numerous features that help in making tasks easy. However, like any other OS this iOS 6 too comes with both positive as well as negative aspects. Let us first find out what is positive about this new OS and the reasons that speak for the negatives that this OS has.

Let us first find out the positives about iOS 6.

Facebook Integration

For all those who are so hooked on to updating status, uploading pictures and sharing videos over Facebook this new OS comes as a relief. Anytime you would love to access Facebook and especially when it comes loaded with enhanced features. Now you have the ability to link the account of your Facebook to your device powered with iOS 6. This way you can update pictures from the album of your phone to Facebook directly. You can easily update status via Notification Center and the process of synchronization of the contact list on your Facebook friends list is possible.

FaceTime Chat

It is relatively easier and convenient to make FaceTime calls with your 3G or 4G. You need not worry about making video calls at a specific location. Now that you have the capability of making calls via mobile network you can be travelling anywhere and make a video call. The added advantage is that of being able to make decent quality of video chat.

Privacy Options

The best thing that comes with iOS 6 is the privacy functionality. Remember the apps that request for gaining access to your private data. Your private data includes information like your contacts, location, reminders, calendars and pictures that are accessed by various apps you have downloaded. Now you can easily turn the feature off to protect your privacy.

Additionally you can assign contacts to a DND or Do Not Disturb list where you can choose to set a timer when you do not want to receive calls. You can however receive some important calls from the callers who are not assigned to the DND list.

Call Rejection

Now it is relatively easier to reject a caller with your iOS 6. For example, you receive a call from someone who you would like to reject; you immediately swap the call and fill in the text message saying that you are busy with something or the reason why you cannot take a call. The caller will not feel offended nor will you have to make excuses for not receiving calls.

As soon as you receive a call just swipe it and choose to answer it with a text. You can customize your text reply messages for avoiding calls.

New iTunes Functionalities

It has always been difficult to get through menu and sub-menu when it comes to iTunes. Now with this new OS all is made easy. You need not scroll through the entire menu with horizontal scroll to reach the lists and access categories. Additionally with the bigger better display of graphic, it is relatively easier to look through the apps, videos and albums. This way with a better view available, you will save time and money downloading useless apps.

After knowing the positives that iOS 6 OS has to offer let us now find out the negatives about this new OS.

Passbook Feature

We all have been waiting for the NFC to be included in the technology upgrade but are disappointed to find it missing. Nonetheless, you can still use the display screen of your device as a scanner for gift cards, vouchers and boarding passes. All this is possible through Passbook. This enables in creating a bundle of the cards that you carry in your wallet. For example, you have a $25 with you in your Passbook you can easily get yourself a coffee by just a swipe. This means without having to shell out cash for it or using a card to do it. This does sounds nice, you must be wondering what is bad about it, well the downside is that the users in Australia as the supportive apps are still not available. If you are thinking of getting yourself on flights by Qantas or Virgin Australia then you may face disappointment, as they still have to quite figure the whole Passbook thing out.

Apple Maps

With new OS Apple has stopped using Google Maps and came out with its own. However, these do seem good to look at with 3D support but there are things that are still missing in the map. For example you might find a particular landmark missing in a specific geographical location mentioned on the map. This may lead to confusions while looking for directions. Additionally if you are looking for exact directions to a specific place you might be disappointed with the turn-by-turn directions.

Siri Functionality

The much boasted about ability of Siri is overrated as when it comes to giving specific directions Siri lacks it. Especially when it comes to giving out specific directions Siri lacks the ability. It will not be possible to get much of navigation when you are in Australia. You will get details limited to restaurants in the local vicinity but as far as bookings are concerned you still need to do it the old way. similarly finding out about the movie schedule is easy but again you need to search for the exact timings and the theatres they are playing.

After knowing all about the negative and positive aspects about iOS 6 now you know what to expect and not to expect out of this new OS.


Source by Marigold Henry Montana

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