iPhone Problems and Solutions, How to Remove the Echo Effect on the Otterbox Defender Series


Do you have an iPhone problem and need solutions. Well when you purchased your Otterbox iPhone case, you were all excited about the fact you were finally going to be able to protect and keep your iPhone looking brand new. The Otterbox will definitely do a great job of protecting your device and looks pretty good too. Except when you put the phone in the case and pressed the screen you had this HORRIBLE water-mark effect.

If you were like me, I was so disgusted and I wanted to just throw the case in the trash. Well I have a solution…”baby powder”. Take the iphone out of the Otterbox and put a puff of powder on the screen of the Otterbox. Now blow the excess off and put the iPhone back into the case……Bam no more irritating mark on the screen. You can also either remove the plastic cover with an exacto knife or get an anti-glare screen protector. Either one you do will eliminate the watermark effect that has been aggravating you.

Another iPhone problem that you may have encountered and of course need a solution with your Otterbox, is your callers complaining about an aggravating echo when they talk to you. Well I have a solution for that too. Take your iPhone out of the case and remove the paper or gray foam pieces from the 2 speaker holes on each side of the charging port, this will eliminate the echo effect your callers have been complaining about. The newer versions of the Otterbox has had them removed from the factory. Now people will start wanting to call and talk again.


Source by Erick Engelhardt Jr

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