Maiden Name Search – Free Services Bring Friends Back Together


A maiden name search is a great way to track down friends, neighbors and coworkers lost to time. Thankfully the invention of internet searchable database technology and the accumulation of large personal information databases has made maiden name search technology a reality. Thousands of searches done daily are bringing people back together like no time in history.

Specialized Programs Hunt Through Millions of Records
Public records databases are accessible via specialized database engines which look through all sorts of people related records. Files and information scanned would include property records, marriage licenses and grants, and other civilian and criminal records databases.

Free Services in Most Cases Are as Effective as Premium Services
Although numerous people contract a maiden name search service most people actually have good luck finding lost friends via one of the free searches services. What many people do not recognize is that many of the same records accessed by the paid maiden name search programs are the same files reviewed by the free services.

Good Results Come Even from Extremely Limited Information
One of the miracles of relational databases is their ability to connect seemingly incongruent records together by joining tables of data from one group of records with another. How this impacts people trolling through the files for lost married friends is that results usually have the ability to connect a married name to the person’s original surname. Once the answers come back connecting the old name with the new the researcher has everything needed to connect the dots and find what happened to their friends, coworkers, or neighbors.


Source by William G Shultz

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