Make Your Penis Longer – The Fast, Natural Way


Certainly it is a desirable fantasy for many men to have a penis longer than the one they used to have, but many men seem to believe that this goal is simply not possible unless something as extreme as penile surgery is resorted to. The media would have you believe that the only effective methods are surgery and pumps or weights, but there are actually a few natural ways to get a longer penis.

One of the best and most simple methods is called the Jelq, and it was employed by young Arabs to increase both length and girth, as well as ejaculation control. This technique has been passed into modern times and has even undergone extensive clinical testing. The results were encouraging- properly done and used as part of a systematic program of exercises, Jelqing can add up to 3 inches in only a few months!

The other way to make your penis longer is to employ a traction device, which functions by extending the penis tissues to encourage cell growth. The penis extender works similar to Jelqing in that as long as you use the technique, you will continue to get results until you stop using it. Gains of up to 3 inches have also been reported using this method, but they are typically noticed faster since the force is applied constantly and over a longer period of time.

You will find extenders are a more significant investment than a program of exercises but guys that have chosen an extender have found that the gains they achieve are much more consistent and much faster. The reason is pretty simple. While the extender requires more financial commitment upfront, once you have it, the time and effort commitment is relatively minimal. All you have to do is wear the device for the instructed time period each day (usually around 4-8 hours) and you are done.

As for exercises, it is the opposite. A program of exercises is much cheaper upfront but once you have bought it you then have to be prepared to learn the exercises then perform them consistently in the right way every day. Unfortunately I found exercises to be like losing weight. I started off with great intentions but after a few weeks the going got tough and I started skipping a few sessions and before I knew it I wasn’t doing much exercise at all.

In my defense I don’t think I am the laziest guy on the planet – just human. If you can honestly look in the mirror and say that you can consistently perform an exercise program then I take my hat off to you but if you can admit that family, tv and your favorite hobbies tend to get in the way, then an extender would be the best long term value option for you. You can set it and forget it and get on with your life and let your device do the hard work. It is better to get results than to buy a cheaper option and get no results at all!

The good thing is that you have safe, medically proven options no matter what kind of approach you use.


Source by Terry S Davis

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