Samsung Galaxy Note 3


After enjoying the success of Galaxy Note 2, the Smartphone giant, Samsung, showcases the new Note 3. The new Note 3 is packed with outstanding features and options. It takes an edge over its rivals when it comes to display size, technology and specifications. The launch of the Galaxy Note years ago by Samsung was a big time gamble but the efforts paid off and it led them venture into a new market of Smartphones known as phablet which is a merger of a phone and tablet.

Coming back to the Note 3, it’s certainly exudes state of the art device anyone would love to have. What appeals more to the user is the Stylus which has supplemented the distinctiveness of the Note 3.

The S Pen is a highly sophisticated input stylus designed to work seamlessly with the Smartphone. With a display screen of 5.7″, the Note 3 is incorporated with Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, Ultra-HD video recording, introduces USB 3.0 port and combined with endless features developed by Samsung. Storage capacity is up to 64 GB. Some of the other features are as follows

Key Features

· Dual camera: Front 2 mega pixels. Rare 13 mega pixels

· Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA


· Near Field Communication (NFC)

· IR port for remote control functionality

· Standard 3.5 mm audio jack

· Accelerometer and proximity sensor

· Barometer, thermometer, hygroscope

· IR gesture sensor for Air gestures

· 32GB/64GB of built-in storage

· microSD card slot

· microUSB 3.0 port with USB host and MHL 2.0; Also compatible with USB 2.0

· Bluetooth v4.0

The Downside

Besides having great options there are a few hitches present in the new Note 3. Here in particular I would like to highlight a few areas where there’s a lack such as in video capture, its big screen is hard to operate, lacks Optical Image Stabilization, no integrated FM radio, framing gets complicated due to shared camera interface.

Final Verdict

Samsung has yet again come up with a true innovation to startle the world. The Galaxy Note 3 apparently has no head to head rival. Now other competitors too are entering the bandwagon of big screen Smartphones with improved cameras, water-resistant bodies and high-powered chipsets.

But the Galaxy Note 3 is here to stay and shows everyone that it can outsmart any other existing device. The bigger screen size is not to make a big impression but what Samsung has done with Note 3 in particular, is that it made it much thinner and lighter than its predecessors. It’s the only gadget that is built with a monstrous 3GB of RAM. Although Samsung has this sinking feeling that specifications can be outgunned but it’s the user experience which matters the most and that’s what the Note 3 will prove.

Conclusively, the Note 3 is a true winner of its kind and it will take some time for arch rivals produce something extraordinary to surpass this amazing phablet.


Source by Aamir A

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