Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips and Tricks


Samsung has released the highly hyped Galaxy S3 phone that runs the latest version of Google Android operating system. It comes with Android 4.0, which is also known as ice cream sandwich but the Korean giant has also sliced in some amazing exclusive features too. Here is the list of tips and tricks for your S3.

1) Direct call: This feature is activated by the proximity sensor. It automatically calls the contact if you have a particular contact, call log or message opened on the display. All you have to do is place the galaxy phone on your ear and it will automatically call the person.

2) Music pause: This feature would be very appreciated by the music lovers. Just move your palm over the screen and it will pause the music being played. It also works for videos. If you find it irritating, you can easily turn it off by going to the settings menu and select the item that says ‘motion’.

3) Popping out the video player: If you ever wanted to work on a document while watching a video stored on the phone, you can do that with this Samsung smartphone. To do this, open the video player application and tap the icon on the bottom right of the display. After that, you will be able to drag the video around the display.

4) Launching camera with motion control: You can use the motion control function of the S3 to quickly launch the camera app. From the lock screen, just perform tap and hold function on the display and rotate the phone into the landscape mode to open the camera.

5) Screenshot gesture: In other Android phones, where you have to press a combination of keys to take a screenshot. However, in Galaxy s3, you just have to turn on one gesture in the settings menu that says ‘Palm swipe to capture’. After that, swipe the screen from left to right to take a screenshot.

6) Smart stay: This feature tracks the eye of the user to make out if you are looking at the display or not. In case you are reading something on the screen, then it prevents the phone from going into sleep mode. If you to disable this feature, you can easily do so by going into the settings and then to the display menu.

7) Tap to top function: To use this, just double tap with your finger on the top of the display, right next to the headphone jack. After this, you will be able to scroll to the top of any list.


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