Samsung Highlight – Sleek, Stylish and Curvy Cell Phone


The popularity and esteem of Samsung, after its arrival, is something that obviously cannot be left ignored. Not to mention that Samsung is one among the world renowned electronic products manufacturing companies. They offer a wide range of reliable yet affordable items all across the world, including televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and mobile phones to name a few. Most significantly, the Samsung mobile phones seem to get a skyrocketing popularity and preference nowadays. This is why Samsung keeps on upgrading their cell phone ranges and launch a variety of latest mobile phone models one after another so that their immersing preference and popularity would not fluctuate at any cost. In such an attempt, Samsung has recently launched its brand new model, Samsung Highlight.

The appearance of Samsung Highlight has been greatly appreciated by public at present as it arrives with a stylish, curvy look that fascinates most of the individuals in very first sight. In fact, the cell phone has proven itself as the fastest selling model on the market within a short duration. This model arrives in two colors: fire (orange and red) and ice (turquoise). This cell phone looks sleek and small in size, thus Samsung Highlight is a perfect for the pocket. Moreover, the cell phone features highly sensitive touch screen. This is why the reaction period between your touch and the display’s reaction is extremely quick and precise as well. Additionally, it’s even possible for you to scroll your lengthy playlists in seconds.

Another outstanding feature about this model is the Touch Wiz interface that it offers. With this interface, you’ll be able to read your desired news at ease. No matter you want to take a look at your local weather forecasts or fresh news headlines, you can meet your entire queries in no time. Actually, Touch Wiz refers to a widget-based UI. To use this feature, drag widgets right from the side bar to your desktop area and you’re done. Although Samsung Highlight doesn’t arrive with any memory card, it has been designed in such a way that supports up to 16GB Micro SD memory card. Additionally, you’ll also be receiving a pair of air phones that you can use when listening to your favorite songs or while talking to others. Moreover, Highlight features a 3 MP camera that no doubt helps you to capture each and every precious moments of your life in highly resolution images.


Source by Sue Lynn Chan

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