Samsung LCD TV – New Year, New Models


Samsung is one of the most respected LCD TV producers. They sell one of the most in demand TV models in the market. They have achieved this kind of reputation by manufacturing high end LCD TVs at reasonable prices.

Every time, Samsung releases new models, many people look forward to checking them out. The models that they have released have continuously improved.

Samsung Series 3 and 4 are both 720 pixels. They can be as big as 40 inches. They are designed like the high end TV models so in short, you are still getting quality TV. Connectivity is easy and you can use a remote control for easy access.

Samsung TV models that have 1080 pixels are the Series 5 TV. the size range from 37 inches to 52 inches. This is a great gadget that will surely go with your home theater system.

Series 6 models have added some new features and improved performance. They are 120 Hz. They include Ethernet connections and you can download RSS feeds for weather, stock market, sports, and news. This is also where the touch of red color is categorized.

New Samsung LCD TVs have increased their contrast ratio and the response rate in order to improve the performance. Samsung has added Auto Motion Plus technology for this series. Definitely, all of the televisions are HDMI supported.

It is of much interest to us as to what Samsung will come up again in the years to come. For those who are looking for upgrades, now is a good time to watch out. Who knows, there might be something brewing in Samsung that will catch your interest. Another advantage is that Samsung sells their products at very reasonable prices.


Source by Albert Canningway

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