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Company profile

Basically Samsung is a company manufacturing all household electronic goods from refrigerators to television sets to LCD’s and washing machines to consumer products. This Korean company began with the humble profession of selling retail products and today is soaring to new heights by venturing into different businesses like petrochemicals, etc. Off lately Samsung has become well known due to its slim, chic, sexy models. For the past few years it has been introducing the light, small, and cheap phones.


Samsung mobile phones have given the world nearly hundred models and the latest are the SGH-C140, SGH-X520 and the SGH-E250. All these models have the mobile tracking; emergency SMS and the privacy lock security features.

Model SGH-C140

The SGH-C140 is a stylish bar type and compact phone with 65Kcolor LCD, speaker phone for Handsfree communication and 16 polyphonic ring tones. The screen is 3.8cm and it has a memory storage capacity of 700KB. It is smaller and lighter and weighs 69 grams. The screen has a glossy finish while the keypads are rubber finish. It has a 3.5mmheadset and has the charging port at the bottom.

Model SGH-X520

This model comes in two colors the indigo blue and the wine red. It has FM radio, VGA camera, and 65 color LCD screens. The screen is 4.8cm and the memory storage is 2.8MB

Model SGH-E250

The E250 Samsung mobile phone is thin and compact and comes in the slider design. This model with its usual features like camera, video recording, FM radio, MP3 Polyphonic ring tones, emergency sms alert, 12MB memory, mobile tracker Bluetooth, privacy lock, speaker phone, etc.


All the models new and old have almost similar or few of the above features. And all the models are accompanied with the necessary accessories. At the time of purchase the mobile sets do have the batteries, chargers, adaptors, Sim cards. All the hand sets are accompanied with manuals and instructions on the usage of the cells. An easy to understand manual helps to understand and guides you to the way the cell can be used.


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