What is the Best Way of Insuring iPhones? Top 3 Loopholes!


Are you sick and tired of having to pay ridiculous rates when insuring iPhones with your local High street provider? Or have you not even bothered to insure your iPhone because you cant afford it? These are problems that I encountered recently, and I decided that I would not bother with insurance. After all the charge of £15+VAT per month was almost half of my monthly tariff! Crazy isn’t it? Well anyway, that was a bad decision as I lost my iPhone twice within a 6 month period. Please guys, don’t make my mistake!

Well, it was third time luck for me, and I decided the best way to find out some insuring iPhone loopholes which would save me money was to get online and do some research. Much like you guys are doing now – well done, you have taken the first step. It took me a little while, however, in the end I managed to save around 50% which is a significant amount on a yearly basis. Why don’t you guys read on and learn about the sneaky ways to save money. Good luck!


1. Find an online insurance agent – Its not rocket science guys. A simple quotation mark search for ‘insuring iPhone’ resulted in over 85,000 results. There are MANY people trying to cut you a good deal, and you can use these kind of numbers to negotiate a big discount. Although be aware that many of providers you speak to will be backed by Equity Redstar who are owned by the Lloyds Group. A lot of the time you will find that you can negotiate up to a 50% discount on exactly the same product as you will find locally.

2. Enquire at your bank – In today’s difficult financial climate, for me it was hard to believe that a bank, such as Lloyds TSB, was willing to offer something for nothing. Well, its true. If you are a premium account holder then you will be eligible for free insuring iPhone cover up to a certain amount. Last time I checked, they would not cover the full amount for a brand new latest model iPhone, but still its a pretty good little loophole. Be prepared to work your way through a barrage of paperwork though!

3. Enquire with you home contents insurance – If you are a homeowner, the you will almost definitely have contents insurance which will surprisingly cover you for a number of personal belongings inside and outside of your house. One of these being mobile phones! Pretty cool hey, and something those greedy high street guys wouldn’t want you to know about. Again, usually they wont cover you for the full amount of your brand spanking new iPhone, but they will pay for some of it. Why not use a combination of the above?

There you go ladies and gentleman. A few simple loopholes that should save you lots of money.


Source by Jackson Sharp

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