You Need to Use an Account With Administrator Privileges to Install Windows 8.1


Have you ever tried updating to Windows 8.1 from the Microsoft Store? It’s really exciting knowing that you’ll get back that start button on the lower left hand side of your desktop toolbar. It just makes computer navigation much easier, again. With my experience in assisting clients with this process, not all situations are smoothly processed. Yes, we do get error messages from time to time.

I’m here to show you the fix regarding the error: You need to use an account with administrator privileges to install windows 8.1, when downloading Windows 8.1 from the Microsoft Store.

Just to share with you my experience regarding this error message. I’ll tell you the things that we tried until we found the solution regarding this error.

Attempt #1

Because the error is stating administrator rights, we checked on the user account if the client is really using an Administrator user. Guess what? He is really using an administrator user.

Attempt #2

We checked for available Windows updates. Yes, for a Windows 8 computer to be upgraded to Windows 8.1, we need to make sure that all Windows updates are properly installed on the computer. Any attempt to upgrade without all the updates will end in failure.

Attempt #3

We tried resetting the Microsoft Store.What I did is I open and elevated command prompt. After that, I run the command wsreset.exe. It will reset the Microsoft Store back to default erasing any component errors on it.

Attempt #4

We placed the computer on Clean boot. By doing that, it temporarily disables all the third party program and software like antivirus, anti-spyware, that might block the process of downloading the update from the Store.

Attempt #5

We tried uninstalling KB2871389 from Windows updates. After that, we restarted the computer and tried re-installing it back manually. Here’s the link where you can download it

The first attempt gave us an error. It says that the installation of kb2871389 failed.

What we did is we tried restarting the Windows installer. To do that you have to press and hold the Windows logo button on the keyboard while pressing the letter “R” button at the same time. It will open up the RUN box.

Inside it, please type services.msc and press Enter. It will open up the Services window, just look for the Windows Installer there, right click on it and click on Restart or Start.

After that we restarted the computer again. After the restart, we tried downloading the Windows 8.1 upgrade from the Microsoft Store, and BOOM! It worked.


Source by Henry Banzon Parada

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