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These days, the technology is starting to touch the skies and many user-friendly things are being invented. People usually prefer light weight and portable products. The Apple Company has introduced the Apple iWatch which is trouble-free to use and has numerous features which effortlessly magnetize a customer’s attention. Apple iWatch is actually a wrist watch with implausible features and it helps to connect with other Apple iOS devices to help transfer iWatch content to another device which may be iPad or iPhone.


Whatever the product may be, the features are mainly responsible for the sale of the product. Some important features of Apple iWatch which add to its price mainly include:

  • Bluetooth: this helps the iWatch to connect and pair easily with other Apple products which might be an iPhone or iPad.
  • Voice Control: this eases the usage and the user may just simply command at once to get the order completed.
  • Curved Screen: it provides the watch an elegant and a fashionable look.
  • Password Access: this avoids the risk of data leakage. As the password will only be known to the user, no second person can steal the data.
  • Wrist Convenience: as the watch has a light weight it can be worn on the wrist and carried anywhere.
  • OLED Screen: the OLED screen provides clear & sharp images from all screening viewpoints.

Battery and Design:

As the battery has a long and enhanced life, the user won’t need to charge the watch twice/thrice a day. On this spot, some have highlighted a copyright Apple owns for a wireless charging. On the other hand, the design also needs to be trendy, as to attract the customer. The curved and flexible screen enables the iWatch to be smooth and wrap around the wrists of a massive series of users. It utilizes solar and kinetic energy in order to keep the battery topped up.


The iWatch price announced officially by the Apple Company ranges from £600 to £800. The price in dollars is found to be $150 USD., However, the iWatch price will be altered in some regions like Asia, India, Pakistan and Dubai, etc. According to the Pakistani currency the cost may be Rs. 14778.00

Final Verdict:

The Apple iWatch price comes with a reasonable price considering it is a smart-phone which keeps the user up-to-date and provides the information regarding time, date, place. The reminder and alarm feature helps the consumer in remembering the important events. On the other hand, the connectivity feature mainly mentions Bluetooth which eases the transfer of content to other Apple devices. The voice control simplifies the work. Also the curved OLED screen provides a stylish look along with bright images. And the password access enables the data to be protected. The watch being light weight is portable. Why Don’t You Contact Us at.


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