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If you are an owner of the iPhone 4, you know how much this super-powered 4th generation device has simplified so many things. Now all of your online business and networking is completely mobile with this master electronic tool. If you want to make life even easier and completely hands-free, iPhone 4 holsters are the perfect option. With so many holsters on the market, how do you know which one to choose? So much depends on personal preference, but some products have been given extra thought to making your life easier and your iPhone 4 experience a complete success.

The most popular in iPhone 4 holsters almost always incorporate leather. Leather is durable, able to withstand tremendous pressure without any side effects. A leather holster is the perfect protective nest for your iPhone and keeps it always by your side, so you can better employ your free hands. With your iPhone in a holster and not in your pocket, your comfort level increases and no accidental calls or buttons will be pushed.

The Gomadic leather iPhone 4 case is a choice candidate in the lineup of different holsters. First, it is a streamlined low-profile shape that won’t look bulky on your waist or clipped to the side of a bag. Second, it has a classic black look that is always appropriate for any work or personal setting. The belt clip is easily attached or removed, and the case has a belt loop slot option.

The bottom of the Gomadic leather case has a special cutout so you can easily push the phone out when you need to use it. This cutout is also handy to plug in headphones. The iPhone is held securely in place by a magnetic closure. A soft felt lining inside the case will not scratch the iPhone, on the contrary, it is an aid in cleaning the touch screen. The Gomadic leather case comes in at $39.95.

This is just one amazing case that is a complement to the iPhone 4. Other customer favorites include the OEM Monaco vertical holster, Grantwood Technology’s Quick Flip case, the Splash Alpha II Napa Leather Holster, and the BlueHarbor Horizontal Leather case. Some extra features that these include are cutouts to all ports and a swiveling clip that locks into a horizontal or vertical position. Make a list of your needs and check out which iPhone 4 holster is best for you.


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