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The free Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most advanced devices available. It works as a phone and a tablet. The screen size is large enough that you won’t need another device. The free Galaxy Tab has top notch graphics and audio as well. It runs on the Android network and offers the same quality that that network has offered on other devices. People will definitely want to take advantage of all the great apps available. Apps cover everything from gaming to news to productivity. There are also a number of social networking apps for the free Samsung Galaxy Tab. Facebook is the most popular social networking site around. It is no surprise that they offer a great app. Here is a guide to the Facebook app on the free Galaxy Tab.

The Facebook app on the free Samsung Galaxy Tab allows users to perform many of the same tasks they can on a regular computer. The home screen of the Facebook app has separate tabs for messages, notifications, and friend requests. This allows you to see if any friend sent you a message, liked your status, or commented on a picture right away. The home screen also has buttons for events, photos, profile, and news feed. It is the gateway to get to anywhere on Facebook you want to go. At the bottom of the screen you will see thumbnails of recently updated photographs from friends. Swiping your finger runs through the slideshow so that you can stay up to date on pictures from your Facebook friends.

The news feed on the Facebook app for the free Galaxy Tab is more streamlined. It will allow you to see posts from friends as well as fan pages. The links to be able to like or comment are below the posts and easy to find. There is also a status bar at the top of the page that allows you to post updates, links, and pictures from there. The pages update immediately after a friend posts something so the news feed is a great way to stay up to date on things. You can also use the phone’s GPS system to note where you are. For example, if you are out a restaurant you can simply use this feature to let all of your Facebook friends know.

The profile page is also a great feature on the Facebook app. You will see all of your updates and comments made by friends. You can also share pictures, links, and updates from here. You can also check out your information and scroll through your photographs from here. When you upload photographs you can also choose to share them with specific groups of friends. The groups are easy to organize from the free Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Many friends use Facebook to plan events and send invitations. With this app on the free Galaxy Tab users can view the event and RSVP right from the free Galaxy Tab. You can also see who else is attending and write comments on the wall for the event. This is very convenient to keep track of your own events as well as see what friends are planning.


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