Five Ways in Which Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Better Than iPhone 6


Planning to buy a new high-end phone? The market is buzzing with latest models, features & offers. It can prove to be really daunting & confusing. Whether to go for the latest looks or high-end technology? Whether to spend on a brand name or to go by reviews?

Undoubtedly, there are just too many questions to answer & too many phones to choose from. Amongst all this confusion, two companies that continue to rule the mobile market are Samsung & Apple. The recent launches by both the companies – Samsung Galaxy S6 & iPhone 6 – have taken users by storm. Both provide almost the same features with a major price difference. So we thought of taking a look at both these phones & tell you why you are probably better off avoiding the overpriced iPhone 6 and going for the feature packed Samsung Galaxy S6.

Larger screen

As compared to iPhone 6’s 4.7 inch screen with 1334×750 pixels & 320 ppi, the Samsung Galaxy comes with a 5.1 inch screen with 2560×1440 pixels & 577 ppi. Goes without saying, this gives you a better viewing experience when consuming media. The S6 also provides a much higher resolution. Although the iPhone 6 has a nice screen, the resolution difference is huge & becomes evident as you continue to use it for all your browsing purposes.

Camera test

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a better camera. Period. While the iPhone offers a measly 8 megapixel camera, Samsung Galaxy S6 packs a powerful 16 megapixel camera under its hood. This gives you sharper images that can be edited later, or simply shared with friends. The S6 also offers optical image stabilisation on the rear face camera, an important feature that is not offered in the iPhone 6.

Advanced multitasking

Now both of these devices offer various forms of multitasking. But the S6 offers features such as multi-windows that give you enhanced multitasking abilities. You can have two apps open at the same time, watch a YouTube video while tweeting your thoughts, or browse the internet while replying to important emails. Definitely, not a feature the iPhone 6 can boast of.

Battery life

Important calls, replying to emails on the move, watching videos, tweeting your thoughts, connecting with friends on social media; your phone is your one-stop for all of these and everything in between. The robust battery life is a must to keep you up to date with all your activities. This is where the S6 wins over its famous competitor. Samsung has a battery that lasts longer & charges faster than the iPhone 6. Want more? It also offers wireless charging. So you can completely charge the Samsung Galaxy S6 in about half the time it would take you to charge the iPhone 6.

The S6 ‘edge’

You might argue as to how useful this feature might be to you but it is one that isn’t offered on the iPhone 6. And many Galaxy S6 users now cannot do without this feature as it provides real time updates about the status of your phone.


Source by Kunal Sutar

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