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The ringtone has become a remarkable cultural tool that is enjoying a great deal of popularity worldwide. Users in different parts of the world like to use their specific languages and music to personalize their mobile content. Today, Arabic ringtones have become a form of great entertainment and a way to show you ethnicity.

Normally, Arabic music that is popular all over the world is the favorite choice of many Arabic speaking mobile users. The favorite artists being Ya Tabtab by Nancy Airam, Dana, Amr Diab, Samira Saeed, Ihab Tawfic, Arwa, Elissa, Assi Al Hellani, Grace Deeb, Ilham Al Madfai, Umkulthoum, Majed Al Mohandis, and many more. But the Arabic language is not just confined to Saudi Arabia and the surrounding areas. In fact, the northern Africa has a large Arabic speaking population, which further mixes with the local ethnic culture resulting in cross cultural language usage. This is also evident in the types of ringtones available. For example, ring-back tone services are so popular in Egypt that operators are having difficulty meeting the demand for them.

In Egypt, Arabic is the official language and also the most commonly used language. In business, English and Arabic are widely used. In Morocco and Tunisia, however, the most common language for business is French, while the official language is Arabic. Nonetheless, most of the Arabic ringtones are based on songs sung by popular artists. Also, many freelance composers have come on to the scene, and they use traditional songs and Arabic folk music to create new tunes. Arabic ringtones always have a very traditional touch to them. With the rise in cross-cultural relations with the outside world, Arabic ringtones also now have a touch of Western music to them, as well.


Source by Thomas Morva

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