Free Typing Games For Kids – Is it Advisable to Download One For Your Kids?


A lot of parents are not sure whether there are any cons to download free typing games for their kids. Honestly, if you are considering helping your kids to learn proper typing techniques and not just for fun only, then I would advise you to consider getting a paid version of this type of program.

Reasons being free program usually do not have a user friendly step by step guide to get your kids started. Moreover, there may be a lot of advertisements which will distract your kids’ attention when they are learning to type. This in turn will defeat the purposes of typing games and hence will affect their learning progress.

Another weakness of free typing games for kids is lack of proper finger placement guide. As you may be aware, kids have to be trained in terms of hand placement when they start learning this important skill. Knowing where to put their fingers on the keyboard is the foundation of touch typing. Without this basic training, your kids are wasting their time because they are just playing with the keyboards.

Other than the above, some of the free programs also do not cover the whole keyboard, i.e. they cover only the main keyboard without covering the number pad. As it is common to use symbol, therefore it could be a setback of not knowing how to switch between the main keyboard and the number pad when they are typing.

Having reviewed the cons of downloading free typing games for kids, it is obvious that parents should consider buying a licensed version which contain comprehensive learning guide for their kids.


Source by Gary Goh

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