Get Trendy With Nokia N Series & Samsung M Series Mobile Phones


The techno freak age wants everything stylish and equally advanced. Same is the case with the handsets which come complete with numerous upgraded features. These wonderful devices work like a digital camera, a mini computer, a MP3 player and a gaming console whenever required. Likewise, gadgets from the house of Nokia and Samsung perform all these functions with much ease. And the comparison of Nokia N Series versus Samsung M series mobile phones looks futile as the products are champions in their own ways. The efficient devices of both the series come with user friendly touch screens, brilliant battery backups, high connectivity features and excellent messaging service. In addition to it, the products are designed to support built-in cameras, music players, FM radio and interesting embedded games. These fabulous devices take care of the demands of the users and guarantee hassle free services.

The two series is comprised of several handsets which enable the users to stay connected with the loved ones and that too at the affordable prices. Products like Nokia N97, N96, N85, N82, N-gage and many more allow the users to get advanced with the upgraded features. Similarly, devices like Samsung M8800 Pixon, M8910 Pixon 12, M3200 Beat s and others provide best possible features to the users. All these smart phones come with eye-catching looks and mind blowing applications. Not only this, such gadgets support large phone books for storing all the important contacts, built-in web browser to provide easy Internet access, two-way conferencing, sharing of videos and the list goes on and on.

As far as the utility of the Nokia N97 and Samsung M8800 Pixon is concerned, the two devices are flooded with all the possible features, though with a difference. On one hand, the first product is provided with a 3.5 inches TFT resistive touchscreen which displays 16 million colours. On the other hand, the second handset comes with a 3.2 inches TFT touch screen, capable of displaying 256 k colours. Apart from this, the two smart phones appear different from each other in terms of their measurements also. The Nokia product weighs 150 grams with the dimensions of 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm. In contrast to it, gadget from the house of Samsung weighs 121 grams having the dimensions of 107.9 x 54.6 x 13.8 mm. The users also find different cameras on the two mobile phones. While Nokia N97 comes with a 5 MP camera, on the other hand, the Samsung M8800 Pixon sports a powerful camera of 8 MP. But, in spite of this, both the handsets ensure high quality still as well as video photography.

No doubt, the highly efficient gadgets are quite different from each other but still possess some similar features. To start with, the inclusion of the FM radio on both the handsets provides loads of entertainment to the music lovers. In addition to this, built-in music players of the gadgets allow the users to get tuned to their favourite tracks at any point of time. Moreover, the facility of document viewer allows you to check Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files whenever you want. So, on the whole, two devices are flooded with a whole lot of user friendly options. And, as far as the clash of Nokia N Series versus Samsung M series mobile phones is concerned, nobody emerges winner as both the series are blessed with highly competent smart phones.


Source by Shefali Roy

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