How to Carry a Cell Phone Conveniently


A cell phone is a companion of good and bad times; millions of people all over the world use it to communicate with friends and families at the time of joy and happiness, and also in any emergency. Many of them carry it in a pocket or purse and some carry it in a holster or a mini carrier. There are various ways of carrying a cellular phone; all of them have some positive and negative effects. Here I want to sum up how carrying a cell phone affects the health and wealth of people. Cellular phone’s radiation or its battery may affect people’s health, and improper carrying may result in losing the phone.

Thousands of people carry their mobile phone in their pockets. Some keep it in the pocket of their shirt while others carry it in back or front pocket of their trouser. If you carry a cell phone in the pocket of your shirt, it may get moisture from body heat which causes problems. If you put it in the back pocket of your pant, you may crack your mobile phone while sitting on a hard surface. The danger of dropping your phone from your pocket is also there. Another point to remember is that the manufacturers warn the consumers never to carry the mobile phones closer than 1 inch from the body.

Many people, particularly the women, carry their phone in bags, purses or mini carriers. It is some what safe and there is less chance of a drop but the chances of miss calls are widely there. People often miss calls and messages. However most of the people do not think it convenient to carry a bag all the time for their phone to keep in it. Sometime one may put the bag somewhere and forget to pick and thus may lose a dear phone.

Belly-, hip- and shoulder-holsters are usually used for carrying mobile phones. These holsters hold mobile phones and other gadgets in a conveniently accessible position. People use them to carry their phone, especially while traveling. They look very stylish and people can also keep in them, their valuables like headphones, keys and glasses besides cell phone. Cell phone is much safer in the holsters than in pocket or in a purse.

Cell phone cases, protective covers and belt pouches are the gadgets you can use to keep your phone safe from many environmental effects and to carry it conveniently. Most of the phone cases and covers come with a clip for attaching it to your belt or pocket. These protective covers not only help you carry your phone conveniently, they also protect the cell from scratches, abrasion, moist and cracking. They reduce cellular phone radiation and keep you safe from any harmful effects of radiation and the dangers of phone’s battery in case of explosion which may occur accidentally.

The above lines show that people use different ways to carry their phone, they even carry it by hand but the most useful, convenient and safer way of carrying a valuable mobile phone, like HTC HD2 and BlackBerry, is the use of phone cases, covers or holsters. They are available in a variety of colors, designs and materials. You can choose one to carry your cell phone with ease and style and keep it safe and also to save yourself from the adverse effects of extensive cell phone usage.


Source by Haris Ali

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