How to Choose a Good Mobile Phone Number For Your Business


The so called gold mobile numbers have grown vastly in popularity over the last few years. Business have grown wise for the need to have a catchy memorable mobile phone number. Especially if that mobile number is on the back of a van or lorry.

Sitting in traffic is something we experience nearly every day if we drive. We don’t always have a pen in the car though, so seeing a plumbers van next to you with an easy to remember mobile number is obviously going to benefit the plumber more than a phone number with lots of random numbers.

Like most things in life you get what you pay for. They come in ranges called platinum, gold, silver and normal. Platinum numbers are the easiest to recognize and remember. They can also command very high prices.

They are special in the sense that they are very sought after. This lets you give out your company number on an advert the radio or even television with the result being its very easy for the potential customer to remember without writing down giving you a great advantage over your competitors.

Potential customers will not even need to hunt for your number next time they need you as they will be able to remember it. Once they have seen it, recalling at a later date will be easy.

So what sort of numbers are easy to remember? Numbers are often easy to remember if they are repeated in some kind of a series. For instance, number ***** 132567 is harder to remember than ***** 188188 or ***** 321321.


Source by James Belcher

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