How To Download Movies To My iPod


One way of getting movies on to your ipod, is purchasing the movies you want, then ripping them onto your computer (which requires a DVD drive + Time), then you have to convert the movies to the format that your ipod can read (takes more time), and then finally transfer it onto your ipod (Takes even more time). There is an alternative solution to all this difficulty/waste of money and time. If you are wondering, How to download movies to my ipod? , please read on. I have answered the most commonly asked questions about this topic below.

1.) How is this method easier?

This method is easier because it saves you the time of going out and buying the movie,then getting it onto your computer, then converting and transferring it onto your ipod. When just downloading the movies in the ipod format and putting it your ipod is a lot more easier and cheaper.

2.) Are the programs used for Downloading the movies legal?

The programs listed below are legal and Authorized programs, and many people around the world subscribe to use their ipod to their full potential.

Here is a little hint: Anything that you pay for in the computer world is always legal

3.) What do I need to use these programs?

well, you need a ipod and a computer with an internet connection of course. Besides that just a good taste in movies

4.) Do the math/ is this method cheaper?

You will saves tons of money this way, because you wont be paying 30 dollars for a brand new release ,and you do not need to invest in any DVD ripping hardware or software ($100 – $200). All your paying for is one payment and u can download any movie on to your ipod.

5.) What else is offered with these programs?

There are many other things offered with this program. Not only movies are offered, you can also download , TV shows, seasons, Pre-recorded sports games/events, Music, Photos, Albums ..etc

6.) Do I need any extra software after i purchase the program?

Not at all. You will receive everything that you need in your member’s area.

7.) How long will I have to wait to gain access to the program website?

instant access! After you join, your email-address will be instantly added to our database. You will then get an email which shows you how to access the members area.

8.)Are your services compatible with older iPods?

Yes! The only limitation is what your ipod is designed for. For example: if you have a ipod shuffle all you can download is music but if you have an ipod Video that you can download Videos.

9.) Okay, My question (How to download movies on to my ipod) is answered, now what do I do?

you can start by clicking any of the links below and subscribe for the program that suits your ipod needs


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