How to Find Lost Downloads


So you have finally found that website you were looking for.The one that offers the exact download that you are looking for. Maybe it’s a picture, maybe it’s a video, a piece of software perhaps? And there on the website is exactly what you hoped you would see. A big “DOWNLOAD NOW!” Button. The excitement builds. You click on the link, and the usual prompt box pops up. You choose “Yes” and the download begins. How exciting! You watch the download bar as it creeps slowly towards the 100% mark. It finally hits! But then something you didn’t expect happens… Nothing. What happened to your download? At this point, you are staring at your PC wandering what has gone wrong. You might even start to curse. Don’t worry, I understand. Before you either put your fist through the screen, or throw your laptop like an Olympic shot-putter, try these simple tricks to locate your download:

1. Search for the File Name.

Although this seems simple, most people forget to do it. Choose the most relevant title and search for it. You can do this by clicking on the start menu, and selecting “Search.” Depending on your operating system, you will have different options, however, what you want is something that is similar to “Search for ALL Files and Folders”. Click search and wait while it sifts through your PC. With a bit of luck, in no time at all, you should see what you are looking for. When it pops up on the screen results area, you can STOP the search function and double click on the file. You might even want to cut and paste the file onto your desktop for easy access another time.

2. Look through your Downloads Folder.

With most (and I say Most) downloads, your Download Folder should open up automatically. However, a few times, depending on the source and quality of the download, the Folder might not show itself. This is not a major issue, and is easily remedied. As with the previous suggestion, make use of the search function attached to the start menu of your PC. In this case however, you simply search for “Downloads”. Leave the search criteria on “All Files and Folders” and start the search. Because this is such a highly used folder, it should appear in the results area almost instantly. Simply double click on the folder when it shows itself, and have a scroll through the list of recent downloads. Depending on how your PC organizes itself, the folder will either be in alphabetical order, or in order of the newest to the oldest download. Either way, you should be able to find it fairly quickly.

On failing these two options, Re-Download the file. If this fails, contact support on the website you are downloading from, or simply choose another website.


Source by Shane Kently

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