How to Fix Chrome Flash Player Crash


Internet users around the world are experiencing Chrome Flash player crash. Due to a number of reasons this problem is occurring in hundreds of thousands of computers. The conflict between the two programs needs a technical fix. If you too are a victim of this problem and want to try a solution that works in most cases, follow the steps given in this article.

It is recommended that you carry on these steps in order and follow all the guidelines given along with each step.

Here is the process to fix Chrome Flash player crash:

Step 1

First of all close all other running applications and disable internet usage for a while. Then open Chrome browser and type “about:plugins” in the URL address bar. A list of plug-ins will appear and from there you can disable the Shockwave Flash.

Step 2

Once you have disabled Flash, reconnect to internet. Now download some good system cleaner tool to repair Flash, Active-X and other registry errors mostly behind the Chrome Flash player crashes.

Step 3

Uninstall the current Shockwave Player from your PC. Use Adobe’s official uninstaller tool to remove Flash player components from your computer.

Step 4

The guide mentioned above will teach you how to use the official Adobe uninstaller tool to completely remove the Flash components from your system. It is very important that you are removing it completely to fix Chrome Flash player crash.

Step 5

Once you have removed the program from your computer run the system cleaner and registry repair scan once again. This will remove the Flash registry keys from the Windows registry.

Step 6

Now reinstall the latest version of the player from official web site of Adobe.

Step 7

Update your sound drivers since the outdated drivers may be causing the Chrome Flash player crash problem in your system. Do this as stated here:

Open Device Manager > Find the sound-card device installed > Uninstall drivers for this device > Now restart your computer to updated drivers.


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