How to Fix Slow Download Speed on Windows Vista


Windows Vista has many problems that the computer community talk about, but slow download speed is one that is almost never covered. This is a problem which many Vista computers are struggling to cope with and is actually quite easy to fix.

Unfortunately, a lot of Vista computers are having problems with download speeds nowadays. This is a major issue which even the most advanced of Vista computers cannot escape and is one that has a series of causes that you will have to fix.

The first and most common cause of slow download speeds on Vista is the ISP (Internet Service Provider) who provides the Internet. Most of the time, people have a ‘dud’ connection to their house / office thanks to their ISP not giving them the speed they are paying for. To combat this, you should use a “Speed Test” website which will show you the speed of your Internet connection. If the connection speed is very slow, then that’s probably the cause of your slow downloads and you should call your Internet company to fix it.

If you’re getting a fast connection, then there’s another more common cause of slow downloads. Each time Vista goes onto the Internet and downloads a file, it has to use a series of settings that tell it what to do. These settings are all stored inside the registry and it’s often the case that many Vista PCs cannot read the settings they need to download your files. This means that they take longer to read the important settings, slowing down your system and making it download your files slower and slower.

This problem is extremely common with Vista computers as they have many corrupt settings which make your system run slow. To fix this, you can use a registry cleaner program to scan through the settings that Vista has and fix all the ones that are damaging your download speeds. To do this, you download a registry tool from the Internet, install it and let it scan your system. Inside your PC, it will find a lot of different files that are corrupt and damaged, and will offer to fix them for you. You should let the cleaner fix the problems, restart your PC and you should have a fast download speed again.


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