How to Increase Download Speed – Three Tips to Speed Up Downloads Easily


Want to know how to increase download speed? The Internet is a great source to all types of information. However, if your download speed is slow, you won’t be able to fully maximize its use. Download speed is the rate of data transfer from the internet going to your computer. It is measured in bits or bytes per second. Having a sluggish download speed can be quite frustrating because it takes too much of your time when you could have done other things productive.

Below are three tips to speed up downloads easily:

1. Check first your Internet connection from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They can identify your maximum download speed based on your subscription. The most basic type is the Dial-up connection where the connection is through a phone line. If you use this type, you may consider upgrading to a Broadband connection for faster speed access. The option for Broadband includes DSL (Direct Service Line) or a cable connection. Your ISP should be able to confirm their speed for each connection.

2. Prioritize your downloads. If you are downloading plenty of files simultaneously, chances are the download will be slower. Download first the more important ones then do the rest later. If possible, try downloading just one file at a time.

3. Fix your Windows registry. This registry is actually a database that Microsoft created for Windows which stores settings and options required for the computer to run. Whenever an action is performed like installing a program or changing configurations, a record is added in the registry. This, in time, gets loaded because of obsolete and invalid entries slowing your download speed and thus it has to be cleaned regularly.

It is highly improbable to fix the Windows registry manually. You may unknowingly delete valid items. A registry cleaner software must be installed. It will scan your computer for any unwanted, redundant, and corrupted entries checking those than can be remove safely. It also shuts off unnecessary programs that are just slowing the system. Lastly, the registry cleaner software secures regular backups so that you can restore the registry to its last known working state in case you might encounter a problem.

Having a clean registry is the most important tip to effectively increase download speed. Just a quick scan of the registry cleaner software and you will be able to enjoy a faster Internet connection.


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