How to Use Your Samsung LCD TV As a Computer Monitor


Because Plasma offers burn-in dangers, its multi-functional feature is compromised. This is basically one of the greatest advantages of an LCD TV over a Plasma TV. Since there are no burn-in experiences in LCD technology, the unit can be used as a replacement for a computer monitor. It’s clear and sharp image is a best partner for video or computer games. Probably because of this versatility that consumers keep their eyes on this type of television. So to help you make the most of your LCD, here are some tips on how you can use your Samsung LCDs as computer monitors.

The truth is, LCD technology found their roots from computer monitors. Because of the development and the success of LCD computer monitors, brand manufacturers such as Samsung developed the same LCD technology for home use through an a large-screen LCD television. Most of the product features are the same but to compete with Plasma televisions, higher quality images are developed.

So how do you use an LCD TV as replacement to a computer monitor? Well, the first thing you need to realize is the type of LCD television you have Make sure you have the right television so you can switch from TV viewing to computer monitor use for your video games. Remember that your LCD needs to have a VGA or options for connecting to a gaming or a personal computer system. If your set doesn’t have this, you probably cannot enjoy the versatility we are talking about.

Next, be sure that your LCD is near your computer system. You wouldn’t want to pull yourself along with cables and wires, right? To accommodate your computer use without a hassle, make sure that your LCD and computer are close enough to be put together and to use at the same time. Most people intend to use their LCDs as computer monitors but fail to recognize this important reminder.

Lastly, make sure that you have the proper and necessary wires and cables for you to connect the LCD to the computer and switch usage easily. Create a system for your cables like running it through the walls or channel it to both your computer and home cable input. In this way, you will have a smooth transition between using your LCD as a television and as a computer monitor. If you have the confidence and skill, you may set up your unit in such a way that you can switch from computer to television screen in a less stressful manner.

But here’s a friendly suggestion: if you want to use an LCD mainly as a computer monitor, better purchase an LCD monitor itself. You will be able to spend some cash if you will get an actual LCD monitor because you don’t have to pay for tuners, AV inputs , and other LCD television features that you won’t need. But, if you are fond of playing computer games on an LCD screen, get the Samsung 32 to 37 inch screens so you can impress your gaming buddies with your realistic plays.

It is thus important to learn how to actually use your LCD television as a computer monitor. Use an LCD as replacement for traditional computer monitors and maximize the big screen and reduce eye fatigue that causes your headaches. Just ensure that you have the right LCD model and the units are prepared for switching.


Source by Francis A Haines

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