iPod Music Downloads – Homework To Do Before You Download Another Song


Many websites are giving away free iPod music downloads. So how true is it? Well, there are copies of songs you can technically download but I have to warn you first that the legality of most of these sites is highly questionable. If you have been visiting forums or reading news updates, there have been numerous reports of infringement of copyright laws when downloading from these illegal iPod music download sites.

Free sounds good but it is often tagged with a hefty price when you are caught doing so. Moreover, the song quality is often poor. Folks may argue that downloading at iTune is not cheap, with songs going for $0.99 per piece. Gone were the days when people would not even frown at paying for a 10-songs CD at $15 – 20.

It is pretty much a Catch-22 situation as iPod manufacturers keep packing in more memory and boosting the capacity of newer iPod models. They can hold more songs than the older generation ones, hundreds to thousands of them. iPod users, driven by their hungry urge to quickly build up a collection of songs, often then fall prey to these illegal music download sites.

Fortunately, there are now paid membership sites for legal iPod music downloads other than iTune. So iPod fanatics can still enjoy their music without limits – access to huge libraries of songs, both latest and oldies without compromising on the quality of the music and of course, not burning their pockets. This is indeed good news for us as we can have the best of both worlds.

Here is some handy information to help you do your homework when you look for an iPod music downloads site:

1. iPod Music Download Fees

This is the main reason why people are flocking to these membership sites. Most of these sites are charging for lifetime or yearly membership subscription for the cost of one nice dinner out. For that, you can have unlimited access to as many iPod music and music video downloads. There are no per download fees at all. But please do not quickly jump onto any site you come across, and be sure to look around for the best value for money.

2. Range of iPod Music Downloads

Whether you are a Pop music fan, or simply love soothing jazz music, there is a paid membership download site out there that can meet your needs. Read up on each site and find out the range and type of music they carry.

3. Wide Selection of Music Files

By this, I meant that the selection of music files must be huge enough, and they need to provide almost every song that has ever been composed. Find out if they constantly update their media library. You will be surprised that some of them even have the latest hits, and not some outdated, past hits only.

4. Easy-to-Navigate Membership Area

Is the membership area easy to navigate around? Is it easy to find the song you want? Do they provide step by step instructions on how to download the iPod music files to your iPod?

5. Downloading Speeds of iPod Music Files

Does it take forever to download a long list of songs?

6. Free Media Downloading Software Provided

Most sites provide free media downloading software so it can be considered as an industry norm. If they charge you for the software, it is time to look elsewhere. One thing you need to find out is whether their software is compatible with your system, ie what are the software system requirements?

7. Customers’ Feedback

Good customer feedback often means that the service level is excellent and should be able to meet your expectations.

8. Excellent Technical Assistance

Needless to say, you do not wish to face a situation where you are stuck and cannot find the technical support you need. Not every site is equal in this aspect even though almost everyone boasts of top-notch support service.

The above information I have shared should be sufficient for you to find a good iPod music downloads site. You may be wondering how you are going to assess and compare some of the qualities I mentioned without accessing the member’s area. Fret not, as I have done some of the legwork and would be revealing the top sites for iPod music downloads in my next article. Alternatively, you can always read up at music forums.

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