Looking For My Biological Daughter


If you have been separated from your daughter and are wondering how you can go about finding her, read through some ideas that you can try in the following article. These searches are not as complicated as people think as you will soon see.

The information in the paragraphs below is meant to help the person that is saying; I am looking for my biological daughter. Using some simple search ideas and some of the things that you know about her it should be possible to locate her. If your child was given up for adaption then it is quite simple. As one of the parents you can enquire from the agency that handled the process and ask them for information about her current whereabouts.

Of course this would largely depend on what was agreed upon during the adaption process. If they are unwilling to offer you any assistance, that is not a problem either. There are people finder sites that do have access to a larger percentage of the records from some of these agencies. So you can find one that has adaption and reunion records in its database and try and locate your daughter from them. This is one option that I would use when I am looking for my biological daughter.

Alternatively you can search for her using any other people finder site. The main purpose of these services is to be able to find anyone, anywhere and I am sure that one of them will be trace her for you. Most of them are designed to find someone using even just the person’s name so the options that you have are listless.

If you are saying; I am looking for my biological daughter, you can also look her up in the social sites. This is another good place to find people and if you give yourself time you will locate her in one of them.


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