MOD Your XBox 360 and Download Games For Free!


Have you gone to a video game store and realized that the store doesn’t have what you want, and had to go to more than one store to find what you’re looking for? Or have you ordered something online, and the shipping fell behind a little and you have to wait almost 2 weeks for your game? So has everyone else, and a way to save money and your time is to just download your games. Most of the game systems out there today are trying to be more than a gaming machine, they want to be multimedia machines, and it’s easier than you think.

The XBox 360 has hard drives from 20 GB to 120 GB, giving you lots of room to store stuff on there. By downloading your games, you will be able to save gas, and any shipping costs (both are on the rise). You can put on all the new titles like Halo 3, Ninja Gaiden II, and Mass Effect, and you can also download other system games as well. The 360 can also play downloaded PS2, PSP, and XBox games, and you can also play downloaded movies and music.

You won’t have to put in any discs, you won’t have to put any chips in your 360, you just need to download, play or watch, and enjoy the new multimedia machine you’ve just created. For half the price of a 360 game, you download unlimited games from 4 different formats, and all the movies and music that you want. It’s like going to the game store, and buying one game, and the next time you go into the video game store you take whatever you want for free, no questions asked.



Source by Michael Bender

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