Nokia N95 Vs Nokia N95 8GB – The High End Mobile Phones


Expectations of a person never get satiated. Moreover, the innovations in every field keep on burning this rampant desire. Human beings are always guided by the notion that they should opt for the best and and gain from profitable schemes. Even if one of their selection proves to be unsatisfactory, they simultaneously jump into another option. This curiosity and restlessness helps to incite the creativity of their brains. As such, innovations have taken place in the field of Nokia mobile phones too. These gadgets are no longer owned just for communicating with people, but also to satiate various entertainment requirements. Nokia is one of the ace players in this field. This renowned company always brings extravagant designer handsets for the mobile users. The latest Nokia N series gadgets such as Nokia N95 & Nokia N95 8GB are specifically designed to meet the high end requirements of the people.

The Nokia N 95 is one of the stylish handsets from the N series genre. With all the high tech features this gadget has surpassed all its contenders. This enigmatic handset has a 5 mega pixel camera which is further enhanced with the Carl Zeiss optics and digital zoom. With this camera phone a photographer can adjust in any photographic situation. This 3G gadget can help the users to access extravagant connectivity options. This quad band mobile is even enhanced with EDGE, HSDPA and HSCSD. The video calling feature can even facilitate the users to view the concerned person with whom they are talking. The gamut of multimedia messaging features can help them to stay connected with their beloved ones whenever they want.

The Nokia N95 8GB is an upgraded version of the Nokia N95 handset. This sturdy handset weighs 128 gms and has a measurement of 99 x 53 x 21 mm. To accommodate tons of multimedia contents this gadget is equipped with 8 GB flash memory. This abundant storage capacity can easily store 150 music tracks and 6 hours of video recordings. The elegant 2.8 inch screen can brilliantly display images with amazing clarity and with different colour shades. The GPS navigation feature can assist the users to explore unknown places without any hassle. As such just navigate the world with the interactive maps embedded in this gadget. The music player which is installed in this widget has the potential to support all the popular music file formats such as MP3, AAC and WMA etc. The TV out and the FM radio options are also embedded in this mobile phone.

Both these Nokia N95 & Nokia N95 8gb handsets are specifically crafted to meet the latest and advanced multimedia requirements of the users. These gadgets have great storage capacity to store tons of multimedia and other such contents.


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