Samsung Armani New Arrival Phone


What do you expect when a world’s leading telecommunication and electronics company collaborate with world’s leading fashion brand for a phone? Samsung Armani SGH-p520 offers those that can be expected. The luxury mobile phone can be described in three simple words-stylish, sleek and sexy. Well this definition limits to looks but what about the ergonomics and features. Lets discover all that the new phone has to offer.

Its a phone to complete lifestyle of fashionable and luxury loving persons. Samsung Armani brings in looks which you can swear by. The phone has dimensions of a true sleek phone with just 10.5mm of depth which also holds the QWERTY keypad beneath the screen. The touch screen phone has 2.6 inch screen which supports 256k colours and has resolution of 320×240 pixels. The elite and elegant Armani phone just weighs 102gm with length of 87.5mm and width of 54.5mm. The phone comes in a leather case which adds more vigor to the design.

Besides looks Samsung Armani has applications for communications and entertainment will all technological advancements. The phone is loaded with all types of multimedia features like video player, music player, Bluetooth with A2DP for wireless stereo music, USB port for connectivity, WAP for internet connections, FM radio, games download, mircoSD card slot for memory to store songs, videos, images and TV out. You can access all applications within the phone just with a touch. The 3 megapixel camera with flash and digital zoom enables to the user to take images of distant objects with ease. You can upload images and share them with your friends, download ringtones, view and send emails, SMS, and MMS. SGH-p520 phone supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf files.

The best feature of this phone is Built in Trouble Alarm. This is an interesting feature which can help you to get help in trouble. You can pre-program phone numbers of your five close relatives or friends under special contact group. When you are in danger just click the volume button four times and the feature will automatically send out SOS SMS to the aforementioned numbers. The integrated GPS is activated and they can track you instantly.


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