Samsung Omnia VS Sony Ericsson G900 Brown


Both Samsung and Sony Ericsson have a well-earned position for themselves in the tech-world. Sony Ericsson is an iconic figure among the fashion phones as it focuses a lot on the presentation and appearance of its handsets. That certainly doesn’t mean that Sony Ericsson neglects the performance factor. Its performance is incomparable to any of the top-notch brands in the contemporary arena.

Samsung definitely is second to none in any aspect of mobile phones. Ordinary is not a word for this world class brand. It ensures that every feature it incorporates in its handsets is the latest and the best.

To justify their respective family names, the Sony Ericsson G900 and Samsung Omnia have stepped on the stage to prove their might. Let’s have a closer look at the two. Perhaps we can draw a conclusion as to who among the two is a real winner.

The outer shell, As already stated, Sony Ericsson’s designs are beyond any comparisons. The outlining feature of Sony Ericsson’s handsets is the polished and sophisticated appearance. The Sony Ericsson G900 is no exception. The 106 x 49 x 13 mm body dipped in great colours like dark red and dark brown is perhaps the reason behind its magnetism. It has 2.4 inches vibrant TFT as it supports a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The lively, colourful wallpapers can boost your spirits the moment you switch on the phone.

The 106 x 49 x 13 mm dimensions of Samsung Omnia make it look tremendously stylish and urbane. The state-of-the-art TFT is completely touch-sensitive. The phone is a little heavy as compared to its contender which weighs 91 grams. But, it outshines the Sony Ericsson rival in the width of the TFT. It has an extra wide 3.2 inches 65K colour TFT for a wide comfortable view.

Under the hood, The Sony Ericsson contradicts the saying, ‘looks are deceptive’. The brand never tries to deceive its prospective customers by flashy looks. If it has an enigmatic presence, it ensures that it stands tall and proud when it comes to its features. Apart from the sleek looks, it packs ingenious software solutions. It comes with a stylus which can be used the way you use your pen (the only difference is it doesn’t need ink refilling). There is a dedicated key for notes where you can use the stylus as a pen and write in your own handwriting. The handwriting recognition tool makes the letters you write using the stylus look as if they have been typed using the keyboard.

Now hopping back to Samsung Omnia, the phone has an optical mouse that can actually be used like a mouse. The phone also has a virtual QWERTY keyboard. The touch sensitive user interface wizard lets you make friends with the phone in minutes. The accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate makes you shift between landscape and portrait mode.

Other gems in the crown, The Sony Ericsson G900 gives you the provision to manage your Emails effectively through the push mail feature and enjoy mobile Internet no matter where you are. Share pictures with text messages added to them and savour the delight of picture blogging. Get the last minute news from your most favoured websites by subscribing to the RSS feeds. The G900 is a third generation phone which means you can have easy access to broadband Internet. Video calls audio and video streaming and MMS are no longer big deals.

Samsung Omnia also reverts back with a remarkable 5 MP cameras with a very high resolution andloads of novelties like image stabiliser and auto focus. It has a built in GPS receiver to keep it alive and kicking at any part of the world. It is Wi-Fi enabled and comes with Bluetooth and USB port, both in their most advanced avatar, version 2.0.

Hence the debate on Samsung Omnia VS Sony Ericsson G900 Brown will go on endlessly as both of them are winners before the race began.


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