Samsung Or Nokia Music Phone? Samsung Beat DJ Vs Nokia 5800 XpressMusic


Choosing a new mobile phone handset can make you crazy as there are numerous phones available in the market with similar specifications and features. The user becomes confused and perplexed while selecting one. Thus it is always advisable to do your homework of comparisons before going in for a new phone. If you are going in for a music phone the latest addition Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Samsung Beat DJ are a good choice. The comparisons can be done among both these models to make a good choice.


Design and appearance of both the phones are different and can be selected as per the user’s choice. Nokia 5800 is smart phone with dimensions of 111 X 51.7 X 15.5 mm. the display of the phone includes wide and vibrant screen of 3.2 inches with resolution of 640 X 360 pixels. On the other hand the Samsung Beat DJ also known as the M7600 can be described as an oval shaped slider phone. If you are bored with your conventional phone, then the Beat DJ can be the best option for you. The 2.6inches AMOLED screen of this phone is smaller as compared to the 5800. The resolution of the screen is 240×400 pixels. Both the phones have accelerometer feature and 16million colors of screen.

Music Player

As both are music phones comparison on this front is really essential. Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone has excellent quality of N Series music player. The player supports various formats of music like AAC, MP3, WMA and many others. For enhancing your music experience the phone has features like equalizer, play list and display of graphics. The surround sound system of the speakers gives you excellent music quality. The phone also has FM in it.

As compared to Nokia 5800, the Samsung M7600 is a phone that specializes in DJ music features. It also supports numerous music formats like AAC+, AAC, MP3, and others. With the scratch facility of this phone on screen you will enjoy the same experience as that is done by DJ with vinyl record. You can create your own music with special sound effects in this phone which is not possible in Nokia 5800. Beat DJ comes with a FM radio with RDS technology. This handset also offers you the opportunity of recording FM tracks.


If talking in terms of resolution then Nokia 5800 is slightly better than Samsung M7600 as it has 3.2 Mega pixel of camera as compared to 3MP of the latter one. Nokia 5800 has better options of settings for white balance, flash modes and others. The Carl Zeiss optics of the phone is an added feature. But comparing them on basis of additional camera functions Samsung Beat DJ has an edge over 5800 XpressMusic as it has auto focus, face detection, smile shot, geo tagging and many other features in it.


On basis of connectivity Nokia 5800 is better than Beat DJ in many aspects. The 5800 has WLAN and Wi-Fi feature in it that is not present in Samsung Beat DJ. Nokia also supports GPS facility in its phone that keeps track of your locations. Other basic connectivity features like GSM Network, HSCSD, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB connection are common to both the phones.


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