Slow Downloads? Windows 7 Download – Speed Fix


If you’re using Windows 7 and have found that it’s downloads are extremely slow, then there’s actually a reason for that which is very easy to fix. The problem with most Windows 7 computers is that they are unable to run smoothly thanks to a problem with their settings. This has affected download speeds a lot and is something a lot of people are having trouble with. Fortunately, it’s actually very easy to fix and here’s how…

To fix the download speeds of your PC, you need to make your system better able to find and use the settings it needs to run. Not many people know this but computers work by using a series of “settings” to help it recall everything from your username to your latest emails. These settings are used for everything on your computer, and especially the use of downloading files.

The reason why downloads run slow on Windows 7 is because of how your computer uses the settings inside the registry. Whenever your computer download a file, it is actually connecting to another PC across the Internet and transferring the file it needs. This means that if you want your PC to run as smoothly as possible, it needs to be able to read the settings and files that it has for downloading files from other computers – and the big problem is that many of those settings become corrupt and unreadable.

To fix the slow download speeds that Windows 7 has, you need to be able to fix the settings that make it run slow. And to do this, you should use a ‘registry cleaner’ to scan through the registry of Windows and fix the settings that are causing the download speeds of your PC to run slow. To do this, you must first download a registry tool and then let it scan through all the files on your PC. It will fix any of the damaged files that are inside your system and allow your computer to generally run faster again.


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