Sony C903 Review – Sony Ericsson C903 Cyber-Shot Phone


Sony Ericsson is known worldwide for its excellent quality and innovations in pictures and technology. The manufacturer has its full range of product whether it is camera, LCD, Music System or mobile phones. It always has upper hand when it comes to the image technology. Thus it has used its excellent imaging capability in its mobile phone cameras as well. The latest Sony Ericsson C903 is a live example of their empowerment in mobile cameras. It is a phone that can compete with any other dedicated digital camera in its range. It has variety of features that will make your photography experience more interesting.

The Resolution:

The Sony C903 is a 5Mega Pixel camera that can take images of high quality. The images with the camera are clear, bright and crisp. You will never loose an opportunity to click your memorable moments with its camera.

Zoom In:

The camera has the digital zoom of 16x that can take distant images with clarity and precision. So now you can also capture the beautiful landscapes and sceneries that are at a distance with excellent quality.

Smile Shutter:

There will be smiles everywhere with your Sony Ericsson C903 as it has the smile shutter which automatically drops on detecting a smile. Thus wherever your camera will see a smile it will capture it.

Face Detection:

The Cybershot C903 will keep track of your loved ones with its face detection technology. The technology helps to memorize the faces and click whenever they encounter them. So none of your near and dear ones can go escape by your Camera. In Sony C903 you can store up to 3 faces for detection.


You will not have to worry about your bad pics anymore, this latest camer aphone has the BestPic option that helps you to click 9 images in one second, and then you can choose among the best one and delete the rest of the pictures. So you will have only best pictures from now with your C903 Camera.

Geo Tagging:

In order to keep your memories alive the Geo tagging feature of the phone will keep tagging your photos with the place where they are taken. This is done with the help of Google Maps which is a software application and is available for free of cost.

Video Recording:

Besides capturing the still images you can also do the video recording with the Sony C903 which can be enjoyed later on its bright screen or on TV with the help of TV Out.

Quality Enhancing features:

There are various features in this camera that helps you to enhance the quality of the images taken. These include auto focus that helps to focus on the object automatically without any manual adjustment. Photo fix feature helps to give you the perfect picture by adjusting its contrast and light balance after the image is taken. The image stabilizer helps to avoid the blur caused by the shakes. The features like video and picture blogging helps to share your images and video with your loved ones.

Beside these there are various other features that make Sony Ericsson C903 a wonderful Camera Phone that will capture all your memorable moments.


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