The Best Id3 Tag Editor – Download an iTunes Plugin That Can Fix Mp3 Tags Automatically


If you want to know what the best id3 tag editor has to offer you are in the right place. There are tons of programs claiming to be the best, so it is important you do your research before downloading or purchasing any programs. I have spent plenty of time doing this, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned.

I have a very large music collection, and after years of downloading mp3s it has become pretty unorganized. I tried editing the id3 tags myself in iTunes but that got very old very quick. Having to right click on every track and manually type in the song information was ridiculous. That is when I did a search for the best id3 tag editor. I sifted through a bunch of crap but finally came across an application that could fix mp3 tag automatically!

The software uses an online music database and takes an acoustic fingerprint of your music files and compares it to files in the database. That is why the results are so accurate. That is also how it can fix mp3 files with zero tag information. That’s also how it can fix songs labeled track 04 and unknown artist.

The Best Id3 Tag Editor: What this Software Can Do!

  • Delete Duplicate Songs
  • Find Missing Album Artwork
  • Fix Misspelled Tracks ( Even “Track 04”!)
  • Organize iTunes Genres
  • Correct Music Tag Info ( Name, Artist, Album, Year, Genre)

So as you can see the best id3 tag editor is light years ahead of the competition. If you are serious about organizing your music tags this is the way to go.


Source by Julian Hooks

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