The Four Types of iPhone Cases


The selection of an case for an iPhone is a matter of requirement and priorities. Luckily, there is no paucity of options available for the users to choose from. Primarily the iPhone Cases are of four types:

· Metal

· Leather

· Rubber

· Plastic

Here in this article we will take a look how each one of this performs so that it will be easy for you to arrive at a conclusion if you are buying one.

For the ones whose utmost priority is the security of the iPhone; the rubber iPhone case is the most ideal for them. in events such as crashes and falls, the rubber cases provide maximum protection. Incidents have been reported that even after dropping the iPhone from a considerable height many people have found it an absolutely sound condition with only minor scratches on the iPhone rubber case. The only issue with it can be the cleaning, as it is more likely to attract dust. However, considering the safety aspect it should not be much a challenging task.

The people who love quality, class and elegance have no better option than the leather iPhone cases. In comparison with other cases, they are much sturdier. Usually the leather cases are very much costly as compared to the plastic, rubber and metal counterparts. However, when you have invested in the high-end gadget like the iPhone the amount for the leather case seems to be nominal. There is always a risk of picking the imitation iPhone leather cases while buying one therefore, you should be very careful while you buy them and check for the authenticity of the leather.

The plastic cases can be opted for a vibrant look. There are many colors to choose from when it comes to selecting the plastic iPhone cases. You can pick a set of such plastic iPhone cases of different colors and alter it regularly; this will make the iPhone always look fresh. The plastic iPhone covers are very popular among the women as they can then update the cover and match it with the dress or the accessories that they are wearing. You could come across many cheap plastic iPhone cases however do not fall for them as they will be very little useful as far the safety of the iPhone is concerned.

The metallic cases are designed for the busy bees. The people who are always on the toes are more likely to drop and damage the phone. For such people the metallic iPhone cases are ideal.

There is one thing that very few people know is that the cases can be used for various purposes rather than for carrying the phone. There are many cases that allow such a feature. Here are a few other ways in which the cases can be put to use.

For holding

  • Identity Cards
  • Credit cards
  • Bills
  • Bluetooth accessories
  • Miscellaneous stuffs

The cases ensure safe holding of above-mentioned things as carrying them carefully is very important. You do not have to worry about it while operating the iPhone, as all this is stored in a different dedicated segment.


Source by Paul Sung

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