What Are the Apple iPhone 4 Advantages Over the 3?


The new Apple iPhone 4 advantages surpass the 3 in a number of ways. Let’s compare the 3 and 4 now to see what iPhone 4 advantages make it better and an improvement over earlier models.

First, the Apple iPhone 4 advantages in terms of display are that it includes a high-res Retina display which the 3 doesn’t and a 960 by 640 resolution whereas the 3 has 480 by 320. The PPI (pixels per inch) has been doubled to 326 as a result, as well. They are both multi-touch.

One of the most notable of the new Apple iPhone 4 advantages which is heavily advertised and showcased in television commercials for it is the inclusion of “FaceTime”, meaning you can see whoever you’re talking to assuming they have the same phone and plan, as well. The 4 also includes dual-mix noise suppression, making it easier for whoever you are talking to to understand what you’re saying regardless of the talking environment.

The camera has been significantly upgraded from 3 to 5 megapixels and now includes an LED flash, backside illumination sensor, and front camera with VGA resolution, none of which the 3 has. They both include autofocus and tap to focus.

Aesthetically you can now get the 4 in white in addition to the basic black.

Many of the Apple iPhone 4 advantages are battery related. Talk time has been bolstered from 5 to 7 hours on 3G and 12 to 14 on 2G. An extra hour is approximated both on 3G internet use and wi-fi and audio playback is up from 30 hours to 40 while video playback remains constant between both at 10 hours.


Source by Billy Hess

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