Windows 7 64 Bit Freezes – Why Does Windows 7 64 Bit Freeze, How to Fix It


A computer with Windows 7 64-bit freezes due to various reasons. You need to Perform regular system maintenance tasks to speed up Windows. Following are the most common tips and tweaks:

1. Defragment the disk drives

2. Defragment the system Registry

3. Disable unwanted programs and services

4. Remove obsolete Registry entries

5. Uninstall the programs that you no longer need

6. Use Microsoft Safety Scanner

7. Disable Background Downloading of Updates

Defragment the Disk Drives

Windows 7 64 bit freezes due to increased disk fragmentation. You need to defragment the hard-drives using Disk Defragmenter utility.

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter.

2. Select all the disk drives.

3. Click Defragment disks button to proceed next.

Defragment the System Registry

Windows 7 Registry is a critical place in your operating system that stores all the information about computer programs in its well-structured directory. This information must not be dis-organized as it can result in decreased system performance.

1. Close all running programs and background processes.

2. Download a System Utilities software that includes Registry Defragmenter.

3. Click Defragmenter| Analyze.

4. Wait till the Registry state is being analyzed.

5. Click Defragment button after the results appear.

6. You need to restart your computer during this operation.

Disable Unwanted Programs and Services

Windows 7 freezes due to programs and services running at the computer start. Some of these services are not important to your PC. Disable unwanted programs and services as instructed below:

1. Click Start | Run.

2. Type MsConfig and press ENTER.

3. Disable unwanted programs and services from respective Startups and Services tabs.

4. Click Apply | OK.

5. Restart the computer.

Remove Obsolete Registry Entries

Windows 7 64 bit freezes due to obsolete and incorrect Registry entries. You have to find and delete such junk entries. It is not a simple task. That is why a third-party software that includes Registry Cleaner feature is highly recommended.

Uninstall the Programs that you No Longer Need

Installing a number of programs slows down your computer. Uninstall unnecessary programs as per the following instructions:

1. Click Start | Control Panel.

2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.

3. Select a program that you wish to remove.

4. Click Uninstall button.

5. Follow the wizard.

6. Do these procedures for the other programs that you wish to remove.

Use Microsoft Safety Scanner

Virus infections most likely cause Windows 7 64 bit freezes. Microsoft Safety Scanner is designed to scan system for viruses and correct problems, if any. Download it from the official Microsoft website and install it on your computer.

1. Visit Microsoft Security Scanner download page.

2. Click Download Now button.

3. Install and run the program.

4. Start full scan and remove virus infected files.

Disable Background Downloading of Updates

No doubt, Windows Updates are essential for your PC and its performance. However, background downloading and installing of updates uses bandwidth and increases CPU usage.This leads to Windows 7 freezing. Disable automatic downloading of updates as shown below:

1. Click Start | Control Panel.

2. Click System and Security | Turn Automatic Updating On or Off (Under Windows Update category).

3. Select the option Never check for updates from the drop down box, and click OK.

Note: Do NOT misread the above statement. Background downloading-installing of updates should be avoided. Windows Updates themselves are very important.


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